Wednesday, November 9, 2011


In the midst of my TV marathon morning, I'm copying this from Katie at Loves of Life. I love her blog SO much and I aspire to have half the great writing style that she does :)

Guilty pleasure?
Harlequin novels. Don't judge. My friend Rachel and I get a kick out of going to the used bookstore and buying them. I will say that I do read the entire novel and not just the dirty parts!

Recent splurge?
Ummmm... makeup. I'm in love with good makeup. I'm definitely one who's comfortable splurging on Bare Minerals.

In bulk, I buy?
 I'm not a bulk buyer since I'm only shopping for one. But does chocolate count?

My go-to flower?
Roses. I love roses. I love all flowers except for baby's breath and carnations. Although, is baby's breath a flower?

Comfort food?
Chinese food. Unhealthy? Most definitely. But I can't get enough of General Tso's and white rice. 

For breakfast?
Pancakes or really super good muffins and coffee (duh!)

For dinner? 
Depends on my appetite and cravings (my cravings can be insane)

Love/hate relationship with?
My phone. I hate the battery life and the fact that sometimes it freezes up and takes a second to come back to earth but I love having my email, banking, Facebook, Twitter, and everything on my phone. I love that it's a Droid and that my calendar, email, documents and such sync with my Google account. Upgrading to an iPhone next year is going to be rough for sure.

Can't stop watching?
On Netflix (and TV): Private Practice, Mad Men
On TV: The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood, Glee, How I Met You Mother, Big Bang Theory.I feel like I have a few missing... but yeah... I love these shows.

Dreaming about?
Moving into a house. And having a Don Draper (minus the sleaziness) of my own.

Every girl should have?
A day off. Seriously, take a day a week to do whatever you want. Nails, sleeping, watching tv, doing what you like. Have a day to yourself... you need it.

My style in five words?
Comfortable. That's the biggest thing. 

I love wearing?
Yoga pants, toms, and a long cardigan. Perfect lazy day outfit without looking sloppy.

Dream job?

Being a chef or baker.

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  1. :) I love yoga pants. I cannot tell you how many pair I've collected over the year, but TONS would begin to describe it!