Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thoughts from a Coffee Cup

I woke up early this morning (read: 845am) to the sound of the janitor's keys outside my door. While trying to prepare myself for the possible entry into my room (I slightly forgot she doesn't have keys to it) I silently cursed the upcoming events that they're cleaning the habitat for. Why? Because it's a rainy day, perfect for sleeping in. But whatever. That's when I forced myself to retreat 4 levels down for a blessed cup o' joe. PS... did I mention that I get to live at my job? Anyway.

Motto for the day. Bonus: totally swiped this from a friend for my coffee :)

I have a lot of random thoughts this morning. A lot. Some of them include

  • Why am I a horrible pen pal with friends? I had a friend send me an email a month ago that I just replied to. I wish there was a way my email could remind me "hey Blondie, you still have an email you haven't replied to!"
  • I love PanAm. Yes, the show is a little ridiculous, but let's be honest: I love the 60s; I secretly want to be a flight attendant; the wardrobe on the show is beautiful; the men... gorgeous; my favorite character, hands down, is Colette. I love her.
  • Why do I hate packing? I'm so excited for my trip to Delaware but seriously... packing? Ick. 
  • Yes, I am going to Delaware. Why? It's a trip. I'm flying. Last time I flew on an airplane was in 2004. It's been too long. I'm going with home with a good friend just to see this great festival that she's talked about non-stop since I met her in February. I'm sure I'll get some good blackmail great photos. I just want to see her in her pig costume. Yes, pig costume.
  • I still have no clue what I'm going to do about school next semester. I thought that taking a semester off would help me decide, but I still have no clue about what I will do with my life. 
And so, I suppose this concludes the rambling blog. I guess it's time to conquer the suitcase once and for all.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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